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The “Sacred Seeker”

Who You Are

You often wonder, “Who am I to want more…or think I can make a difference?” BUT you can’t shake the feeling that you are supposed to accomplish more in your life.

There are a lot of things that bother you in your current work situation, but you’re a master at telling yourself that you should be grateful that you have a “good” job, especially in this economy.

Physically, you notice your energy isn’t great. You have some days when you feel good and get a lot done, but overall you feel bored and long to feel engaged in more meaningful and satisfying work…but you’re not exactly sure what that work is.

Your intuition is telling you that you want to discover your purpose before it’s too late, since even small changes in your job could push you from dissatisfaction to extreme burnout.

You also have a sense that time is flying by, and you don’t want to look back on your life and wish you had challenged yourself more and created more meaningful work.

Your Issues Tend to Be:

You question yourself all the time. The unknown terrifies you, but you suspect that staying in the known may be killing you. You may even feel envious of other people who have more money or freedom or opportunities than you do – but you also know there are plenty of people who have walked in your shoes and still found a way to make a living doing what they love. You have let fears and doubts define your life and hold you back.

What You Need:

You need support in a whole new way of thinking and being. You need best practices for calming the fear center in your brain, reducing stress and enjoying your life. You need permission to be who you truly are and guidance to get what you really want. You need a proven process for getting out of your own way, believing in your self and connecting with something greater than yourself (call it whatever you want – God, the Universe, Source Energy, etc.).

One Last Thing:

The Sacred Seeker ProfileOne of the main reasons people don’t pursue coaching when they need it is because they feel so overwhelmed, they don’t feel they have enough time.

The reason I’m so passionate about helping people discover and LIVE their purpose is because I know life is too precious and too short NOT to get started living the life you want – and deserve – right now.

And here’s another thing: My clients find they actually have MORE time after their sessions with me because they become so much more “on purpose.”

They live a life they had once only dreamed about. I want that for you too.

A “Sacred Seeker” Success Story:

Michele Williams“I first met Stacey at a ‘Time Management’ seminar. I was overworked and stressed out, and I was looking for some way to find time for a personal life. It turned out that the seminar was more about ‘energy management,’ which was what I actually needed, and Stacey planted the seeds that would lead to a period of incredible growth for me.

I was so taken with Stacey’s communication style and wealth of knowledge that I signed up for her “Sacred Seeker” Program. My fervent hope was that six months in the program would help me to figure out how to do my job well while also finding time for myself.

Stacey started out by asking me to review all aspects of my life and to identify my three most important goals. Being happy at work was one of them. Having time to enjoy my life with my husband was another. The final one was something I had struggled with since I moved away from Florida: getting back in shape.

In Florida I was very active with surfing and windsurfing. After moving to the mountains, I tried the gym (ugh) and walking on the roads in my area (again, ugh). For me exercise has to be fun, and I had not been able to find a fun physical outlet here, other than an occasional hike with my husband.

Stacey showed me that I just needed to do a little bit every day. She asked me to define the minimum I could commit to doing. I chose a 5-minute walk down the drive and back. We live in the woods, so this little jaunt is a pleasant experience.

With frequent prompting from Stacey to make sure I kept my promise to myself, that 5-minute walk transformed into a 45-minute hike, every day, rain, shine, or snow. I am now very fit … I even lost a few pounds without trying … and better than that, I have created a habit of devoting the first part of my day to myself.

Over the course of the six months, Stacey helped me think and feel my way through many issues at work. Our time together eventually led me to realize that there was a higher calling waiting for me. I am now working a few hours a week for the job I had when I met Stacey (I kept the tasks that I enjoy), and I spend the rest of my work hours doing something that I truly love: tutoring.

In finding my way to a happy work life, I made my home life better too. I no longer complain (which my husband is very happy about), and I have time and energy to live the life that I want.

I have Stacey to thank for all of these achievements. Her vision, her knowledge, her easy communication style, and her determination make her the perfect life coach. I am so grateful to count her as a mentor and friend.”

Michele Williams, PhD
Burnsville, NC