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Give Birth to a Life You Love
with my FREE weekly Special Delivery eZine!

In my FREE weekly Special Delivery eZine, I share stories and articles that are filled with tips, tools, and techniques I use to create an authentic and happy life. And I want to share them with YOU!

Here’s what you get:

• Down-to-earth content written with you in mind
• Practices that will help you gain clarity, peace and happiness
• Techniques that will help you move through self-doubt and fear to success
• Real-life stories of courage, hope and achievement that will inspire you
• Honest self-questioning delivered (hopefully) with humor and insight

…and much more!

I get emails daily from my readers who have been inspired to look at their lives a little differently and create something more after reading the dozens of free articles on my website.

And they also let me let me know that they appreciate the convenience of receiving my eZine – with completely original writing – right in their inbox every week.

You can imagine that I love getting that feedback – but I would love it even more if you joined them!

Subscribing to Special Delivery will also get you two free gifts: a copy of my eBook Giving Birth to a Life You Love: How to Thrive Through Transitions, and an audiobook with me reading The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles, my favorite “mindset” book.

Just sign up below and you’ll get immediate access to the gifts and Special Delivery will be delivered every Tuesday.

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