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Coaching Programs

Please Note: I am no longer taking new private clients. (You may read most recent blog post for more about this change.)

You are still welcome to work through any of the self-study programs you’ll find below.

End Your Next Six Months Strong End Your Next Six Months Strong If you’re worried that another year will go by and you won’t have much to show for it, this program will guide you through planning your next six months and following through on your plan.
The Miracle of Mindful Eating The Miracle of Mindful Eating If you want to be healthy, but you don’t trust yourself to make good choices, you need a proven, system that helps you enjoy food and your life.
30 Days to Inner Peace 30 Days to Inner Peace 30 days of guidance and encouragement, based on proven strategies for creating peace and clarity.
Courage Building Boot Camp Courage Building Boot Camp Powerful, life-changing lessons delivered straight to your inbox every day for 30 days that will help you put your innate bravery into action.
The Multi-Passion Mama Productivity System ebook You choose either the eGuide or the Home Study Program to help you achieve clarity on your dreams and serious traction on your goals.
Create the Conditions for a Life You Love This eBook provides 28 days of strategy, tips and inspiration that will help you create the conditions for a life you love.