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Mileposts in the Distance – Flyby

Note from Stacey: Every Thursday we’re thrilled to offer Laura’s Mileposts in the Distance column.

This is truly a flyby post.  I arrived back home at 1:30 am on Tuesday morning after a day of travel from California.  Today we set out to visit the Lovely Daughter.

After the three-hour time difference with the West Coast, and anticipating the five-hour time difference ahead of us, I have no idea if I am coming or going.  And sleep seems to overcome me at inappropriate times.  But as that’s all part of the adventure, I’ve stopped worrying and decided to enjoy the delicious anticipation.

We started the midsummer travel with a stop at Handsome Son and The Jolie Blonde’s warm, welcoming and cozy home.  It’s been an interesting summer for them as they have dealt with power outages, spoiled food on a tight budget and commutes that have been compromised by weather, but they are pretty thrilled with their lives right now and MDR and I were happy to celebrate with them.

The Lovely Daughter has sent entertaining missives about her adventures at work in a distant city.  She decided to forgo a phone with GPS to explore the city the old-fashioned way with maps and wrong turns and all the interesting things you can find when you go in a different direction.  We can’t wait to try the coffee at all the places she’s mapped out, as well as see for ourselves how perfect her summer has been.

So, the laundry is done.  The bags are packed.  We have notes about all the construction next door because we know the Lovely Daughter has missed the commentary.

And we are off.

I’ll be sure to send a longer post and plenty of photos when we get to where we are meant to be.

Laura Reeth lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with the man of her dreams. With kids off at college, she no longer plays the role of active, day-to-day parent, and has moved into the complex understanding-parent-of-nearly-adult-children role. The main difference is she gets more sleep now.