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My Family's Summer Bucket List

My Family's Summer Bucket ListFor the first year in as long as I can remember, my family decided not to take any “big” trips this summer. At first I felt a little sad about missing out on something I had come to rely on, and even take for granted.

But when I realized that what I really want is to have fun and make memories with my family and friends, the “Summer Bucket List” idea was born. I’m going to use this list to make sure that, even though we’re mostly at home, we make the most out of our summer, and so we’ll know at the end of it that we did everything we set out to do.

In no particular order, here are the things that make up my family’s summer bucket list:

  1. Make Giant Bubble Wands
  2. My Family's Summer Bucket ListWatch at Least One Sunset from start to finish
  3. Go Berry Picking
  4. Go Fishing
  5. See the Lion King Musical (it’s playing nearby!)
  6. Have a Picnic at the Park
  7. Visit Griffin’s Cousins in Tennessee
  8. Play Tag with Neighborhood Kids
  9. Go Camping
  10. Set up a Lemonade Stand
  11. Go Swimming in Waterholes and Waterfall-filled Rivers
  12. Go to an Amusement Park or Carnival
  13. Go to an Asheville Tourist’s (Local Baseball Team) Game
  14. Make Homemade Ice Cream
  15. Have a Sprinkler Party
  16. Go Zip Lining
  17. Watch Fireworks
  18. Make S’Mores

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