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Mileposts in the Distance – MP 52

Note from Stacey: Today celebrates the ONE YEAR anniversary of Laura Reeth sharing fantastic content via her Mileposts in the Distance column, which is featured here every Thursday.  Thank you, Laura, for a wonderful year – I can’t wait to see what the next one brings!

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant. – Robert Louis Stevenson

We spent last weekend at the beach.  Saturday was spectacularly gorgeous.  I ran a 5K while MDR biked for miles.  Sunday was a complete washout of a day so we lazed around reading.  I dove into the magazines I’ve let pile up for a while, waiting for a good block of time in which I could immerse myself in potential.  I absorbed pages of gorgeously photographed homes and food and, well, stuff, to my heart’s content as I considered and discarded ideas that could be used or just admired.

The Robert Louis Stevenson quote was on the last page of the last magazine.   It struck a chord deep within me as I thought about writing this milepost.  I suppose you could say it’s time for a harvest of sorts as this the 52nd milepost, the last in the first year of sharing my thoughts, my worries, my winding stream of conscious as well as  every single body ache known to woman.

As a whole, it’s been a pleasure, even when I faced a blank Word document and knew I need to fill it so Kelly could post it for Thursday morning.  Sometimes I made her wait way too close to Thursday morning before I finished, but she’s been patient every single week.

There were a couple of busy, busy weeks in which Stacey said, “You know, you can skip this week if you need to.”  But I was really looking for consistency in myself and I knew if a week went by without a post, it was highly likely that I would look up and it would have been a month without post.  I wrote these mainly for myself as a way to record moments that seemed particular to me, and yet so many people warmly commented that they felt the same.

Some posts that I thought may have been too glib or too smart-alecky were the ones that generated the most comments.  Some of the ones that I later thought may have delved a little too deeply into the maze that is my mind were given the kindness of thoughts and response.  For that, I truly thank each and every person who has stopped by.  I am hugely honored that you’ve taken time in your busy life to read these posts.

But as I’m not done with this space and year two is dead ahead, I thought I’d write just a little about where I find my own seeds: the places that make life a little prettier.  I looked over my Google reader feed and, to a site, the places I prefer create and celebrate beauty in all different ways.  I am a shameless lurker in all of these sites, but the quiet elegance in each is a balm to my mind and heart.

I was meandering through the interwebs last summer and came across Jolie Guillebeau who tells stories through her paintings.  Now I get a painting and a story in my mailbox every single morning — the happiest way to start my day.

I seem to be drawn to the Pacific Northwest in terms of the creativity because the next stop is Posie Gets Cozy: a blog that celebrates needlework, cooking, dogs, home and love.  There is a kindness in the writing and truly gorgeous photos alongside the words.  Just go, visit.  You will want to stay.

The first creative blog I ever followed was The Yarnstorm Blog by Jane Brocket.    I came into Yarnstorm well after the initial wave crested and Ms. Brocket was writing a book that came about from the knitting and crocheting she described on the blog.  The entries are not nearly as plentiful as they were in the beginning, but her photos of flowers and buildings and cakes crafted in all sorts of brilliant colors more than make up for the time factor.

Since all of these lovely sites have links to other places that invite you to meander though the realms of creativity, I will end the list with my friend Mary’s blog, Passionate Perseverance.  Mary’s faithful, busy life makes me seem like I am moving in place.  Her interests, like all the others, run to creative endeavors that I dream of, never act upon (look for the post about making the Christening dress and I dare you not to be awed) and yet she makes the time around the demands of raising a daughter with special needs (and a cheery wardrobe).

Each of these bloggers tells a story of a life, lived imperfectly at times, strained and simmered through everyday joys and sorrows, all the things I do with my own life in these mileposts.

It’s been a fast year, even when I tried to obey the speed limit, and it’s one in which I’ve learned a great deal.  I can’t wait to see what’s up ahead, but I’ll take it one day, one mile at a time, scattering seeds along the way.

Laura Reeth lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with the man of her dreams. With kids off at college, she no longer plays the role of active, day-to-day parent, and has moved into the complex understanding-parent-of-nearly-adult-children role. The main difference is she gets more sleep now.

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