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What You Need to Know about Jon Morrow’s Guest Blogging Program

Jon Morrow's Guest Blogging ProgramHave you heard of the book The Four-Hour Work Week? Or The Four-Hour Body? They were both best-sellers because they promised massive income and a fabulous body in only 4 hours a week. The author, Tim Ferris, is obviously a genius.

Me? Not so much. Over the last month I’ve spent over 12 hours writing one article – with no guarantee of a penny – or six-pack abs – in return.

So why did I do it?

Because Jon Morrow demanded it of me. (Make no mistake: He’s not called the King of Mean for nothing.)

But here’s the backstory: Many of you know I “landed” a literary agent last month, but that was after months of contacting many other agents and editors.

The primary feedback I got from everyone who passed was that I needed a “bigger platform” because my book is of the type (personal development) that is “platform-dependent” – meaning whether or not my book will get published depends on my ability to show that I already have a large number of engaged readers.

I realized that one of the best ways to build my platform would be to focus on blogging. Blogs have helped writers whom I admire, like Danielle LaPorte, Katrina Kenison, Lissa Rankin and Kris Carr, engage large audiences and land great book deals.

So I knew I needed to engage more readers. But how was I going to do that?

My modus operandi whenever I want to get better at something is to identify a mentor to help me. In this case I chose Jon Morrow and his Guest Blogging Program.

His idea is that you become the “opening band” for the equivalent of the Rolling Stones of bloggers: They’ve got all their raving fans already gathered, and you get a shot to wow them and convert them into your own fans.

The thing is, the rock star bloggers have already worked really hard to build their stage. And when they give you a shot, you want them to be glad they did. You want to give them your best stuff and blow their readers’ socks off. It’s a tall order, and one I wanted to get right. Thus, the 12-hour blog post.

And you know what? It went up to Jen Gresham’s Everyday Bright. Here’s what Jen had to say about it after she read it, “It’s the best guest post I’ve ever received. It’s amazing and I predict it will be one of the most popular posts on the site. I’m truly grateful for all the hard work – it shows!”

You can read it here and I hope you do, because I’m super proud of it (and it has become one of the most popular posts on her site).

But what I really want to share is the how of that post, and that brings us back to Jon’s Guest Blogging Program. If you’re serious about quitting your job, living your dream life and changing the world with your words, you’ll want to check it out.

By following the link, you’ll find a series of awesome videos Jon made that give you a ton of great content and tell you more about his program. And they’re totally free.

If you decide to buy his program from the link above, I’ll receive a small commission. Of course, you can also go to his site without using the link. Bottom line is that I recommend his program wholeheartedly. There’s no doubt that his program helped me produce a great blog post and get on a very popular blog that helped me increase my own readership.

More importantly, his program helped me to become a better writer. Sure, I’m not going to spend 12 hours on every blog post – but it’s an incredible feeling to know that I’m capable of the kind of quality writing I produced for Jen’s blog. And that feeling is worth 10 times the cost of Jon’s program. For that I really can’t thank Jon enough.

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