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Word of the Year: Bold (Terrill Welch)














Note From Stacey: This week, we are featuring artist and photographer Terrill Welch. (We used one of her beautiful photographs above.) She wrote her “Word of the Year” post back in February to describe her creative process over the winter months, but we think it’s relevant at any point in the year. Thanks, Terrill!

Stacey Curnow always brings out the best in me. Isn’t it wonderful to have such warmth and caring in our ordinary daily lives? When she asked if I was willing to participate this year as a guest blogger, I was happy to say “Yes!” And I do have a word that I am using to hold my intention for the year. My intention is to focus on my oil painting. My word is BOLD.  I even have a way to be accountable for my efforts. Beginning in the first week of January 2011, on my Creative Potager blog, I post my weekly intentions on Monday and then report out about the results on Friday.

The process seems fairly straight forward right? Well, for the most part it is – until this week when the usual wrinkles in life started putting a crease in my new word for the year. We are on week six of 2011. I have one larger painting and three smaller paintings completed. BOLD has been brushed onto the canvas of each. In a variety of ways, I have taken risks with each painting even though to the viewer some of them may seem quiet and serene. But on Sunday, after completing my most recent figure painting “The View,” I was exhausted. I didn’t want to paint this week. I was tired of being BOLD. If fact I may have misplaced the letter “B” and was feeling rather OLD instead.

What am I going to do? December and the end of the year is 10 and half months away. How can I put the “B” back on my BOLD? I start to panic. What if I fail? What if I really am just OLD and not able to be BOLD? Maybe I am just a dried up old shoe that should now be used for a flower planter. I am done. I am finished. What was I thinking?…

I am guessing that many of us can add a few more disparaging sentences to that paragraph. It is true. I did have this conversation with myself Sunday. I call it the beginnings of the mid-February blues. Our shiny new intentions for the year are starting to tarnish and require a good polish.

For me, that polishing meant shining the beauty in my everyday. I grabbed my camera and just walked around my home taking photographs of things I love and appreciate. Pretty soon I am smiling. I am ready to create again with BOLD audacity. I will continue painting next week. This week I shall look after the business of being an artist, inventory my new work and take photographs.

Sprout Question: What are you doing to put a shine on your word for the year?

Note to readers: Sprout questions are questions to help grow and deepen your creative expression.

No matter who you are or what you do – creativity is the emerald of your success.

Stacey thanks for introducing me to your readers. I am honoured.


British Columbia artist and photographer Terrill Welch’s distinctive palette, quick sure painting strokes, and photographic images capture forest, sandstone, sea and sky.  They remind us that there is only one moment – this one. Where does her powerful yet gentle creative expression come from?

Born in the village of Vanderhoof in north-central British Columbia, Terrill’s art training came at an early age and continued more in the European style of mentoring and tutoring.

Terrill Welch’s work, in water miscible oil paintings and photographic canvas prints, showcases the beautiful, mysterious and rugged southwest coast. For a complete artist’s biography, head over to Terrill’s popular Creative Potager blog at http://creativepotager.wordpress.com

For private viewing of Terrill Welch’s work in her eco-friendly strawbale timberframe home studio on Mayne Island contact Terrill via email at tawelch@shaw.ca or telephone 250-539-3677.


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