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WAYA: What Are You Appreciating?

When you find yourself appreciating something – at any time, or even multiple times, in a week – I hope you will try to capture it in a note, photograph or any form that strikes your fancy, and send it to us.

If you get it to us each Thursday at 5pm it will be included in the next day’s post. (See left side bar for the link to send your submissions.) See this week’s entries below.

If you missed getting in your submission earlier in the week, but would like to chime in now, please leave a comment below! I can’t wait to hear what you are appreciating!


This week I’m appreciating that a published copy of my children’s picture book, Ravenna, will be in my hands soon! And it could be in your hands too! You can pre-order a copy here and I would be most appreciative!



Love from our community to come together as one when needed!

Amber Stephens


This may sound really odd, but Stacey ur going “Nope, its Beth” lol… But my little pills that help me sleep! That and sunshine and no storms today that give me the massive headaches like I had yesterday.

Beth A. Franklin Wilson


St. Simons, porch, swing, pillows, book, iced tea with mint, breeze, thank you grandparents long gone…

Joan Body


I’m appreciating my wonderful friends in town this weekend (and also the fried green tomato sandwich at Sunny Point Café!)

Kelly Waldrop