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Last week I came back from a blizzard in Snowshoe to a whirlwind of activity in Asheville! The photos below show two of my awesome private clients from their VIP Day Sessions – one happened in person and the other happened via Skype since my client is currently living in Puerto Rico!

VIP clients

The other main highlight was hosting my Find Your True Purpose Master Class with Linda Joy. The Master Class was a “preview” of my new program offering – the Find Your True Purpose Boot Camp!

I’m SO excited about this program, and I hope you will click here to find out more.

I also spent time last week finishing a book the publisher asked me to review. The book is How to Be Alive: A Guide to the Kind of Happiness that Helps the World by Colin Beavan.

Since a large part of it is devoted to finding and LIVING your purpose, you can imagine how excited I was to read it – and present a review to you this week.

In How to Be Alive, Beavan relates a story of the late Zen Master Seung Sahn, who said that money, sex, fame, food, and sleep are what he calls an “outside job” but humans also need an “inside job” or what we might also call a vocation.

I’m with Beavan on this, and it reminds me of how so many of the women I work with worry that nothing they really want to do is significant enough to be called a vocation. Here’s the thing, though: your calling is never at odds with what you really want to do.

Marianne Williamson probably says it best when she says, “Some people worry that if they do God’s will or follow His calling, then they would be asked to be an accountant when they really want to be a musician. But what kind of God would ask a person with a passion for music to be an accountant?”

find your purposeSo how do you find your vocation? In Beavan’s opinion, there are two elements of vocation, “Vocation – the way you are called to be – is partly an expression of the prized skills and talents and passions inside you, who you are, because only that which is inside you can be called from you. Vocation is also your answer to what the world needs or calls for that most resonates with you.”

Unfortunately our culture has taught us that our desires are not an appropriate guide for our life’s work, and that has led many of us toward the soul-sucking job route. There is still no conventionally approved and widely celebrated path to an authentic, meaningful, service-and-passion-oriented life.

The standard life approaches ALL go along these lines: work like crazy to get some better thing, person, house, or job, which will THEN make you feel better in some way. But for me and many others this standard life approach doesn’t work. It leaves us feeling dissatisfied and longing for something more.

In fact, many of us have to hit some sort of bottom before we are willing to go against the flow and try something new. And at that point, the best way to find that something new is to listen to your life for the clues to your purpose and follow those clues to a truly meaningful and satisfying life.

So where do you start? Beavan says (and I agree!) that you start small. Start asking yourself questions like, “Where does my horse naturally end up when I open the stable door and let it roam free?”

You can look to times when you currently feel completely in “the flow” (activities that make you happy) or times in the past when you felt called to do something unconventional and what happened as a result.

Most peak experiences, as psychologists call them, occur because of a confluence of circumstances, including our state of mind, the novelty of the experience, the people we’re with, and how much we lose ourselves in the experience.

Contrary to what our culture seems to dictate, there are no conventional rules you can follow that will lead you along a path to what Beavan calls a “Good Life.” You’re going to have to find the path that emerges for you in each moment – what the Buddha called the Middle Way.

Also, ask yourself these questions:

What have you always wanted to do that you haven’t done yet?

What have you done that you’re really proud of?

What do you still want to learn?

Where have you always wanted to go?

These thoughtful and thought-provoking questions will help any reader explore, navigate and map a path to their purpose.

Of course, if you would like to go even further with me as your guide, I hope you will join me for my new program the Find Your True Purpose Book Camp! You can find out more and register, here: http://true-purpose-bootcamp.staceycurnow.com

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is it too late to find your purpose?

skiingThis is a photo of my sweet family at Snowshoe Ski Resort where we had an awesome ski adventure!

You may remember we had to reschedule a trip planned after Christmas when they shut down the slopes due to unseasonably warm temperatures. (You may also remember I ended up using that week for a monumental “Tidying Marathon” a la Marie Kondo!)

We were surprised and delighted that the only time we could have rescheduled turned out to be a weekend of epic snowfall (3 feet of fresh powder!!) on the East Coast! At times it felt like we were skiing in a snow globe! So fun!!

Of course, taking 5 days off right before the BIG launch of my new program, Find Your True Purpose Boot Camp, was not ideal, but it only confirmed how glad I am that I created a business that supports a lifestyle I absolutely love.

It’s times like these that I’m even MORE PASSIONATE (if that’s possible!!) that everyone create a life that supports them in doing their purpose-driven work AND STILL have plenty of time to care for themselves, connect deeply with the ones they love, and have plenty of adventures to boot!

If this sounds good to you too, be sure to tune in for my VERY SPECIAL master class on Wednesday, January 27, 2016.

I’m answering ALL of the questions you had related to “the number one thing you’d like to know about finding your purpose” from the Find Your True Purpose survey you received back in December!

You can register here: https://staceycurnow.leadpages.co/live-your-purpose/

“It is only with one’s heart that one can see clearly,
what is essentially invisible to the eye.” 
– Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Most of my coaching clients are in their late 40’s or in their 50’s and 60’s. One of their main worries is that it’s too late for them to find their purpose – the thing that would truly make them light up if they could do it.

They think, “If I haven’t found it yet, it means I’m not ever going to find it.”

Sometimes they look back and they see “missed” opportunities – steps that, if they had taken them would have put them on a different path and made all the difference in knowing their purpose and feeling happy – but more often they feel like they’ve always felt a lack of passion or purpose.

When they come to work with me they have a sense of “emotional mortality” – the realization that they’re not going to live forever – and they don’t want to be at the end of their life and wish they had challenged themselves more to do meaningful work.

Some even feel – for the first time – a burning desire to create work that’s their very own, and to use that work to leave a legacy.

Still they think that if they haven’t found their purpose, that means they probably won’t ever find it.

But not having found their purpose at whatever age – that’s not their real problem. Their real problem is a feeling of hopelessness.

find your purposeAnd I understand, I really do. Most of us have been disappointed in life. We’ve had something that didn’t go like we planned or like we expected. We’ve laid plans – sometimes plans that we carried out for many years – only to find the results less than we’d hoped. And then our disappointment turns to doubt, which turns to worry, which turns to discouragement, insecurity, and guilt. Finally it calcifies into hopelessness.

But every time they think a thought like, “If I haven’t found my purpose yet, I probably will never find it,” they could choose to think another thought like, “I just haven’t found my purpose yet. All that means is that I wasn’t supposed to find it yet. But I know I’ll find it if I keep looking.”

Do you really think you’re too old to find it? Well, you don’t have to look very hard to find plenty of examples of people who found their purpose later in life. And I want them to be our models.

You’ve heard me talk a lot about Louise Hay – she was in her 40’s when she wrote You Can Heal Your Life – and now in her late 80’s, she’s still rocking her purpose.

Edwene Gaines was in her 50’s when she embarked on her purpose. She’s also in her 80’s now – and wrote her best-selling book The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity, eleven years ago (in her 70’s!).

So are you really going to let your age or some “missed” opportunities be your excuse for not discovering and LIVING your purpose now and being happy?

If you want to stop making excuses and receive actionable next steps for finding your true purpose right now, I hope you’ll join me for my special master class on Wednesday, January 27, 2016. You can find out more and register, here: https://staceycurnow.leadpages.co/live-your-purpose/

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